Wednesday, April 24, 2013

                                         Hayden Christensen          

                              New words 

Size   : talla
Fight   :Luchar


His name is Hayden Christensen

He is33 years old

He was born in Canada

He was born on the 19 on April 1981

 He s Canadian 

He s actor

Hayden started acting in TV at 13.

Hayden  plays Anakin sky walker and  the evil Darth Vader in star wars film.

Hayden says:It's  very exciting and emotional.

The actor is very tall

Musican and actor:
Hebstarted the piano wiht three years old and the classical guitar wiht five years old.
He west  from music to acting and he is good at that too.

And then to vampires:
His break came 2009: Robert was chosen from between over 3000 condidates to play the va,mpire Edwar cullen in the film twilinght.

 More than just a vampire:
He acted in Harri Potter also actel in How to Be film (2007) and little Ashes flim (2009).

His name is Robert Thomas-Pattinson.
He is 27 years old. 
He was born in London (United Kingdom).
He was born on the 13 May 1986.
He is Taurus. 

Welcome to...¡india! by Samuel

Welcome to... ¡India! By Samuel
India it´s former for british colonys, and is famous for it´s exotics palaces, it´s colourfoul clothes and it´s spicy food.
Taj Mahal: 
The Taj Mahal is the famous palace in India. This palace was build in the 1600. It a Mausoleum for the emperor´s favourite wife. Tuenty thousand workers worked on it. It took twenty two years to build.
The Sari:
Sari is the tradicional dress in India for the womens. A sari is a very long piece of matrieals. It´s often decorated with embroidery or tiny mirrors.
India´s favourite sport is the Cricket. The British colonies introduced Cricket to India and India is one of the few counries in the World where Cricket is popular.
India´s children wears a school uniform. The speak English and Hindi, India´s official language. There are millons schools in Indi and most children go to school at least until the age of 14 years.
Scared cow:
The cow is a scared animal in the Hindu religion. Hindus respect cws and don´t eat beff. Cows are the symbol of abundance
Ganesh is one of the gods in the Hindu religion. He has an elephant´s trunk, big ears and a fat stomach. He is the god of the good fortune, education, welth and wisdom. Most Indian´s are Hindu.

Friday, March 22, 2013


                                                          WELCOME TO HAWAII

Hawaii is the USA´s 50th state. It´s first inhabitants came from Polynesia. Read all about these extraordinary islands.

A group of islands:
Hawaii is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are eight big islands. All of them are lots of volcanoes and mountains. The capital of the sate of Hawaii is Honolulu.

Animals in the sea:
Apart from many different types of fish, there are sea turtles, whales and dolphins in the sea around Hawaii.

The Hula dance:
The Hula dance is a traditional is Hawaiian dance. Flowers always form part a Hula dancer´s costume.

Surfing: a traditional sport:
In Hawaii are one sport traditional is the surfing. The sport started in Hawwai in 1905. Children in Hawaii start surfing when they are very young!

Canoeing: a national sport:
Another sport which is very popular in Hawaii is canoeing. It is Hawaii´s national sport. Hawaiians call it "paddling". There are lots of canoeing clubs in Hawaii.

The Haka:
Another traditional dance in Hawaiiis the "Haka", or war dance. The haka comes from Polynesian traditional. Hawaiians dance the haka before they go canoeing.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

biography by jin

His name  is James Eugene Carrey
His is 51 year ol
He was born on  the 17 January  1962
He was born in Ontario,Canada.
He is Capricorns
He likes Basketball,motorcycle

funny Canadian,Jim went to school in Canada.He liked to make people lough.He was the class clown.
To the USA:Jim decided  to go to California in the USA.He wanted to become  a Hollywood star. Today  he lives in California.
His firs films were comedies:
Ace Venture:Pet detective (1994) and  the Mask (1994). His funny elastic face made his famous !!!
Serious films: Jim likes to make serious films,too likes the majestic. But his funny films are more  popular.
Relaxing: Jim likes to go to basketball games with his daughter Jane, 15. I likes relax at home with Jame and eat potato chip, he surfs.

jon recipes


200g chopped walnuts            3 tablespoon flour
8  tablespoon sugar                 100g chocolate
125g butter                                3 eggs


Put the chopped walnuts in a bowl.
Melt the butter and chocolate. Mix them with te walnuts.
Beat the eggs. Pour theme in the bowl. Add the sugar and flur. Mix
Pour the mixture into a round greased cake tin.
Cook for 30 minutes at 180ยบ. Leave to cool.

Friday, March 15, 2013

by jon carmona will


His name is Willard Christopher Smith Junior
He is 44 years old.
He was born in Philadelphia, USA.
He was born on the 25 of  September 1968.
He is an actress.
He likes rap.

People called Will Smith
Little Willie Philly.

At 12 years old, Will started a rap group with his friends.

When Will, was 17 years old created with his friend his first album.

Will rappers very good. His songs are plain.

At 21 years old he started an actors career, with the fresh Prince Of
Bel Air,. Series.

Some films

Men in black 2002.
Ali 2001
The Legend of Bagger Vance 2000
Wild Wild West

 His albums
 Born to Reing
 Men in Black