Friday, March 22, 2013


                                                          WELCOME TO HAWAII

Hawaii is the USA´s 50th state. It´s first inhabitants came from Polynesia. Read all about these extraordinary islands.

A group of islands:
Hawaii is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are eight big islands. All of them are lots of volcanoes and mountains. The capital of the sate of Hawaii is Honolulu.

Animals in the sea:
Apart from many different types of fish, there are sea turtles, whales and dolphins in the sea around Hawaii.

The Hula dance:
The Hula dance is a traditional is Hawaiian dance. Flowers always form part a Hula dancer´s costume.

Surfing: a traditional sport:
In Hawaii are one sport traditional is the surfing. The sport started in Hawwai in 1905. Children in Hawaii start surfing when they are very young!

Canoeing: a national sport:
Another sport which is very popular in Hawaii is canoeing. It is Hawaii´s national sport. Hawaiians call it "paddling". There are lots of canoeing clubs in Hawaii.

The Haka:
Another traditional dance in Hawaiiis the "Haka", or war dance. The haka comes from Polynesian traditional. Hawaiians dance the haka before they go canoeing.

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