Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Welcome to...¡india! by Samuel

Welcome to... ¡India! By Samuel
India it´s former for british colonys, and is famous for it´s exotics palaces, it´s colourfoul clothes and it´s spicy food.
Taj Mahal: 
The Taj Mahal is the famous palace in India. This palace was build in the 1600. It a Mausoleum for the emperor´s favourite wife. Tuenty thousand workers worked on it. It took twenty two years to build.
The Sari:
Sari is the tradicional dress in India for the womens. A sari is a very long piece of matrieals. It´s often decorated with embroidery or tiny mirrors.
India´s favourite sport is the Cricket. The British colonies introduced Cricket to India and India is one of the few counries in the World where Cricket is popular.
India´s children wears a school uniform. The speak English and Hindi, India´s official language. There are millons schools in Indi and most children go to school at least until the age of 14 years.
Scared cow:
The cow is a scared animal in the Hindu religion. Hindus respect cws and don´t eat beff. Cows are the symbol of abundance
Ganesh is one of the gods in the Hindu religion. He has an elephant´s trunk, big ears and a fat stomach. He is the god of the good fortune, education, welth and wisdom. Most Indian´s are Hindu.

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